Red Lightning

Red Lightning

Thomas Burch is set to retire. After years of dangerous missions with the CIA, he is not ready for life as a regular citizen in late 1992. But accepting a covert mission-a rogue operation-secret from the world and the newly elected President gives him a queasy feeling. This operation could be considered treason if they are discovered.

The Soviet Union is split into multiple countries-countries with weapons of mass destruction. The fear is that these weapons will fall into the wrong hands. Tom's mission is to gather Intel and monitor any sign that a weapon had reached the black market. The mission is "unofficial". No CIA rules or restraints and the director will not acknowledge their mission.

Tom and his elite group of agents go to Europe. They set up operations as a rumor surfaces that a major Soviet Weapon is for sale. Although their cover is still shaky, Tom orders his team to investigate the sale. When three of his agents are captured by remnants of the KGB, the mission is in jeopardy.

Tom orders a rescue operation to retrieve his agents-a risky venture that could doom his mission even before it begins.

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